How can I finance my boat build?

Many people finance a boat build due to a windfall via retirement, redundancy or inheritance. If you are not lucky enough to have the available finances, the next option may be to remortgage your property and approach your current lenders.

How do I pay for my boat build?

We operate a boat building contract with staged payments of 10%, 30%, 35%, 20% and 5% on completion. At each of these staged payments you will be able to see the boat and discuss your boat build with our team, to reach the next stage. We require a £2000 deposit to secure your boat building slot.

What if I can’t arrange to visit the boat yard at each stage?

This isn’t a problem as we post the ongoing progress of your build on our Facebook site which is updated regularly so you can view online at

How do I calculate the cost of my boat build?

We have an easy to calculate system of a price per boat plus optional extras. We will provide a quote and decide all your design requirements before the boat build starts so you are clear the exact payments at each stage and the total cost. You can decide to add optional extras at a later stage and any additional costs, not originally quoted for, will be added to the next staged payment.

Do you only build 57ft, 60ft and 65ft boats?

No, we can build any length boat over 50ft, these boat sizes have been priced as they are the most popular size of boats in the market.

Do you build widebeam canal boats?

Yes we are a narrowboat and canal boat builder, so we can provide a quote for a widebeam and build these too.

How do you let me know what is happening with my boat build – I would like to feel in control of the process?

As mentioned above, we keep our Facebook page up to date so you are aware of the progress of your boat build. You will have decided the design and layout at the start of the boat build and signed the boat build contract. In addition you will have four or five design meetings with the Managing Director to ensure you are happy with the progress and to make any further decisions required at each stage. You are of course welcome to make further liaison via emails and phone calls. Following the boat build, we will keep you up to date with regular e-newsletters.

Can you provide any references?

Yes, we are happy to provide further references from our very happy customers, please get in touch for further information.

What other assurances can you offer?

We ensure all our staff have continual professional development. We primarily use British products and services of the best quality. We provide an excellent after sales service, with a free engine services and warranty on your parts for 1 or 2 years depending on the part. Once your boat is completed you will take it on a snagging trip and any ‘snag’ that you identify is resolved as soon as possible.

Do you offer support with the boat design?

Yes, you will have a team of experts to offer help and advice, with a wealth of experience in boat design and fit-outs, however it is ultimately your dream and we are committed to meet your requirements.

How long does your boat build take?

There is usually a lead time of about two or three months for the hull manufacture, once the hull arrives at our workshop the carpentry and engineering fit-out takes another 12 weeks and the boat painting takes another 3-4 weeks. In total you will need to allow at least 24 weeks from start to finish, so we would suggest that planning starts 12 months in advance as we usually have a 12 month lead time for a boat build due to demand.

Can I choose any hull?

Yes, we most frequently use Colecraft Hulls, but we will work with the hull of your choice. If you need further advice regarding hull manufacturers please get in touch.

I am really interested in buying a boat, what to do next?

The first thing to do is make sure you have the finances available. Next, we would recommend visiting a few boat shows such as the Crick Boat Show and the IWA Boat Show. See as many boat designs as possible to build up an idea of what you like and what you dislike. We usually attend the Crick Boat Show & hold 2 Open Days annually at The Boat House, Foston, you are most welcome to visit & look at the quality of our work. If you are interested in a boat build by Aqua Narrowboats then we will arrange for you to visit our workshop so you can see the quality of all our work and the professional management of your boat build. We will discuss the specification of your design and provide a quote based on your specification, plus the next available timeslots. If you are happy then a £2000 deposit is required to secure your boat building slot and we continue to liaise until the boat build is complete.

Where can I moor the boat?

There are many moorings available, most marinas will have moorings and Canal & River Trust also have linear moorings along the banks of the canal. Barton Turns Marina (our hire fleet base) will be more than happy to discuss a mooring with you and it has some excellent facilities.

What about after-sales service?

All new boat sales come with a 12 month warranty on parts; we also offer a free engine service within 12 months, and resolve any problems following your ‘snagging trip’. We have a boat maintenance and repairs team so should you wish to make alterations in the future or need your boat blacked after a couple of years we are happy to help.