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Purchasing online: credit card security:

Site security, to guarantee a secure shopping experience. All sensitive information is encrypted, meaning information communicated between your computer and this web site cannot be read by external sites, even if it is intercepted. ­

Data Protection

All personal information entered by you online, given over the phone or in person, will only be processed by Aqua Narrowboats Ltd. and used to provide you with your ordered products, for invoicing, billing and accounting activities and to maintain records of transactions.

Your information may also be used for keeping you informed about Aqua Narrowboats promotions, services and products. (This will only be the case if you have given consent to receive further communication from Aqua Narrowboats Ltd after the completion of the ordering process).

Communicating with Aqua Narrowboats (UK) Ltd

When you communicate with Aqua Narrowboats (UK) Ltd about your order we will ask security questions before continuing to ensure the security of your purchase. Please note we can only continue with the conversation or requested changes if you can fully answer these security questions.

Privacy Policy

As well as enabling us to process your orders any personal data and our records of your visits to the website may be used to monitor and improve our services, and for marketing objectives.

We may send you brochures, leaflets and news about our products and services. We may also contact you by telephone to discuss account details, inform you of delivery times and delays or for any other reason regarding your order.

We respect the privacy of your personal data and will comply with the most recent data protection legislation.

We will not pass your information onto third parties without your consent.

If you need to update your personal information at any time­, or if you would like to change your mailing preferences please contact us on 01283 701041

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Please refer to this page frequently to stay updated of any changes to our privacy policy.