Narrowboat Sponsorship

Your Narrowboat Sponsorship

As part of our narrowboat sponsorship scheme, you can own one of our brand new, 5 star luxury narrowboats, have free time on board and generate a return too.

Choosing from one of our set designs, that can be viewed below, we hire out the canal boat as part of our popular narrowboat hire fleet for an increased term of 5 seasons.  You’ll then get a return of the income generated from the hire fee (less Damage Waiver, Fuel and additional extras). You can also personalise your narrowboat by choosing your own flooring and soft furnishings colours, plus you’ll also get 4 weeks on board throughout the high season (including the summer holidays if you wish). Further information is provided below.

NEW 2024!! We are now offering Half or Quarter shares in our Sponsored hire boats, we’re also looking for Sponsors for a new hire boat base – contact us for further information.

As an owner of a sponsored hire boat, you will receive 38% of the hire revenue for years 1 and 2 and 32% for years 3, 4  and 5 (reduced due to our higher maintenance costs).  Payments are made direct to you monthly in arrears.  The return will have the VAT element, damage waiver fee and any optional extras deducted, as these are not included as part of the 38% or 32% return.

After the 5 seasons of hire you’ll be able to either take the boat away for your own use and sail off into the sunset, or alternatively if circumstances have changed, you can sell the boat.

We offer a brokerage service to help sell the boat on your behalf if you wish, or you can use a third party.  The benefit of selling through us is that we’ve thousands of subscribers on our social media platforms waiting to here about our 2nd hand boats coming up for sale. This is why all the hire boats that have been sold out of the fleet, have been sold through us.  We normally market these within the last season of rental, and most are sold within the same month ready for the end of the season.

Our boats are sought after in the market place due to the quality of fitout we provide, and the care and maintenance we offer when in the fleet – ensuring your investment, and pride and joy, is well looked after.

Owners of sponsored narrowboat

No. 52: AQUA SAOL (2023)

Do I have to pay for my holidays?

No, taking your narrowboat out is free to you. However on return from cruising you will be expected to clean the boat, refuel with diesel and pump out the toilet tank – these are at the owners cost. We can offer a turnaround service for an additional cost, so you can step off and jump in your car – just like our hirers, all of our sponsors use this service as it’s not much fun cleaning your entire boat after use. This cost is just deducted from your monthly returns. So in summary you will pay for the fuel and pump out (same as all boat owners), the end of holiday cleaning costs, and bedding/towel hire unless you opt to bring your own. If you want to cruise in the off peak season you are responsible for getting the boat ready before use, as our handover team and housekeeping staff only work during the main hire season, so we don’t offer the turnaround service or hire of bedding off season.

When can I book my holidays?

We advise you to book your holidays for the hire season before 31st October of the previous year to ensure you get your desired dates. This is because we offer a popular early bird discount scheme and many of our customer’s book over 50 weeks in advance. Off peak can be negotiated before 31st July of the same year – as we have to ensure we shall not be carrying out maintenance to the boat.

How much holiday do I get and what dates are available to me?

You will get four weeks in the hire season which is Mid-March to the end of October inclusive; the dates available to you also include School Easter Holidays, Summer Holidays and October half term, but exclude Whitsun Week. The off peak season is 2 weeks beginning of March and first 2 weeks of November (these are weeks either side of the hire season), the rest of the Winter period we carry out Winter maintenance. This allows another 4 weeks on your narrowboat should you wish to use it.

I would like to use the boat more often is this possible?

Yes, during the off peak season November to February we can arrange for additional time with further conditions. No additional time can be offered during the hire season, you can of course have the boat if there is no booking. You’ll just need to let us know this in advance as we wouldn’t routinely let sponsors know of free weeks, and we can’t promise a cleaning service for late booking either.

How is the scheme agreement organised?

You will sign a legal agreement to be part of the sponsorship scheme which protects both you as the boat owner and us as the hire company; it makes clear the process, roles and responsibilities of both parties. You will also sign a Boat Build contract as part of having the build boat slot – just like our bespoke boat build customers do.  The boat is at all times fully owned by the sponsor.

How do I get my financial returns and how much is this?

You will receive a statement every month in arrears of the hires stating how much income has been received, all maintenance carried out to the boat, any replacement items and the amount that you will need to invoice us to obtain your percentage of that income. You will get 38% of the net income for years one and two and 32% of the net income for years three and four (excluding fuel, DWF and any optional extras). Payment is usually made by BACS transfer.

When will I contribute my 20% towards licence and mooring fees?

This will be part of the statement for months July and August and taken off your net income, so you don’t physically pay, it will be deducted from your returns. It is made clear on your monthly statement.

How long can I keep the boat in the scheme for?

Five years and then you are free to either keep the vessel for your own use or you may wish to sell it. If you do sell it we can also offer this service for you – as we have lots of subscribers to our newsletters and social media platforms waiting for our used boats to come up for sale. If five seasons is too long we will also consider 4 seasons too.

How much does a new boat cost?

We offer a choice of three layouts . Please see the Sponsorship page and New Boat Builds pages for current prices. Please bear in mind that the sponsored boats include lots of additional extras that would be charged for on a bespoke boat – it also includes the complete inventory including TVs, Fridge, Microwave, pots, pans and crockery etc within the price.  We also provide detailed quotations so you know exactly what is included before a contract is signed.

Prices include VAT at 20%.

How can I keep track of my new boat build?

You can visit the boat yard preferably by prior arrangement as well as keep track of the build on our Facebook site:

Do I pay for the boat on completion of the build?

We use a boat building contract with staged payments of 10%, 5%, 30%, 35%, 15% and 5% on completion.

How can I ensure that the boat is legally mine once purchased?

You will have a copy of your boat building contract, a legal document, which is your proof of purchase as well as copies of our invoices to you for the boat build.

Can I change the internal design of my new boat?

You are able to contribute your ideas towards the interior decoration such as carpets, curtains, upholstery etc. The internal layout meets our 5 star standard and we know it works for maximum occupancy and maximum comfort, therefore layout changes cannot be changed. We understand that some customers will use the boat after the sponsorship scheme has ended, therefore, we are happy to work with the owner to allow for additional extras when they take over use of the vessel – these additional preparation works will be charged in addition.

Can I purchase an older boat at a reduced price?

Not normally no – most of our sponsors stop for the full period due to them signing a contract.

Can I buy a share of a sponsored boat?

Yes, we can offer offer 2 parties, a 50% share each which means you will each get 2 weeks during the season, 2 weeks off season and after the 5 years all the boat running costs will be shared too. Due to increased admin costs the returns will be reduced to 37% years 1 and 2, and 31% years 3, 4 and 5 If this is something that interests you, get in touch so we can pair you with another share holder. Although happy if you have found your own partner share holder too.

I have decided the scheme isn’t for me as I would like a more bespoke boat – do you offer this?

Yes we offer bespoke boats, find out more about them here.

What do I do next?

Please call us to arrange a visit and we will show you around The Boat House, so you can view the boats and the paperwork involved. We’d normally arrange a visit after we’ve provided a quote. If you would like to go ahead a £3000 deposit is required to secure your boat building slot. We only build one or max two boats into the sponsorship every year so availability is limited. There is usually a 1-2 year lead time due to the demand of our services so an early enquiry is advised.

NEW 54ft | Reverse Layout | Sleeps 2

Luxury 2 berth design, for ultimate comfort, featuring:

King Sized Cross Over Bed, 2 Recliners in saloon, Breakfast Bar & Luxury walk through bathroom

dog-32-32   shower-32  hair-dryer-32  compact-disc-32  cooker-32  dvd-32  fire-hose-32  fridge-32  microwave-32      toileticon  tv-32 vacuumcleaner  window-layout-32

bulletpoint Cabins 1   bulletpoint Sleeps 2    bulletpoint Boat Length 54 ft  

bulletpoint Layout Reverse Layout   bulletpoint Stern Semi-Cruiser

NEW 57ft | Reverse Layout | Sleeps 2-6

Luxury 57ft narrowboat, with improved seating for ultimate comfort, featuring:

Main cabin with King Sized Crossover Bed, Second twin cabin, Saloon with NEW & IMPROVED luxury seating & walkthrough bathroom

dog-32-32   shower-32  hair-dryer-32  compact-disc-32  cooker-32  dvd-32  fire-hose-32  fridge-32  microwave-32     toileticon  tv-32 vacuumcleaner  window-layout-32

bulletpoint Cabins 2   bulletpoint Sleeps 2 – 6   bulletpoint Boat Length 57 ft  

bulletpoint Layout Reverse   bulletpoint Stern Semi-Cruiser

57ft Option 1: with Saloon at the Stern

57ft Option 2: with Galley at Stern

NEW 61ft | Reverse Layout | Sleeps 2-6 | Two Toilets

Luxury 61ft narrowboat, ultimate comfort for larger groups, featuring:

2 TOILETS (walkthrough bathroom & extra toilet), Main cabin with a King Sized Cross-Over Bed, Second Twin Cabin, Plus NEW & IMPROVED seating in saloon

dog-32-32   shower-32  hair-dryer-32  compact-disc-32  cooker-32  dvd-32  fire-hose-32  fridge-32  microwave-32     toileticon  tv-32 vacuumcleaner  window-layout-32

bulletpoint Cabins 2   bulletpoint Sleeps 2 – 6   bulletpoint Boat Length 61ft   bulletpoint Toilets 2      

bulletpoint Layout Reverse   bulletpoint Stern Semi-Cruiser 

Narrowboat Sponsorship Prices

You are able to book 4 weeks holiday in advance during the hire season for your own use (including Easter holidays, Summer holidays and October half term) and 4 weeks holidays during the off peak season (early March and early November), giving a total of 8 weeks use a year – although you’ll need to let us know in advance to ensure your boat isn’t out of the water being hull blacked. You will own the narrowboat and the inventory so at the end of the five year contract there is no disruption to you as the owner.  The price includes a range of luxury optional extras (all additional charges to a bespoke build) as well as all inventory items, electrical goods and all soft furnishings worth another £5000 approx (all additional charges to a bespoke build).

Next Available Slot - Summer 2018

Narrowboat Running Costs

As part of the canal boat sponsorship agreement we ask for your narrowboat to be part of the fleet for 4 or 5 years. Aqua Narrowboats will market and administer the bookings, and turn your boat around for each narrowboat holiday. We will pay 80% of your Canal and River Trust licence and mooring fees. We also pay for your narrowboat to be insured for hire purposes.

Canal Boat Maintenance

Aqua Narrowboats will keep your narrowboat maintained to a high standard by our marine repairs team, as we like to ensure our customers receive the best canal boats and the best service. This will include labour towards: servicing and engine repairs, attending call outs to customers, and paint maintenance.

Your Contribution

Sponsored owners contribute 20% towards the costs of the Canal and River Trust licence and mooring fees which will be deducted as part of your returns. You will be given an annual allowance of £450 towards replacement items for your narrowboat, however the Aqua labour costs will be provided by us free of charge. Any remaining annual allowance will be offset against the subsidised annual hull blacking cost. If this allowance is exceeded the owners will contribute the outstanding amount which will be deducted as part of your returns.



Beta 43hp

Kingsize Crossover – Twin Berth



Beta 43hp

Kingsize Crossover – Twin Berth



Beta 43hp

Kingsize Crossover – Twin Berth

Included as standard
Walkthrough bathroom to include shower, WC & basin ticksmall ticksmall ticksmall
Saloon area with TV cabinet and storage ticksmall ticksmall ticksmall
Galley with granite worktops, hob/ oven ticksmall ticksmall ticksmall
Blinds & soft furnishings ticksmall ticksmall ticksmall
Central heating ticksmall ticksmall ticksmall
Optional extras included for free
Large Seating & flexible dinette converts to double bed ticksmall ticksmall ticksmall
Extra TV in one of the bedrooms ticksmall ticksmall ticksmall
Inventory including kettle/microwave/kitchen equipment/crockery &cutlery/hairdryer/bathroom accessories etc. ticksmall ticksmall ticksmall
TV/DVD/CD Radio in saloon ticksmall ticksmall ticksmall
Hospital silencer for quieter cruising ticksmall ticksmall ticksmall
Upgraded semi cruiser stern with lockers & with apron ticksmall ticksmall ticksmall
Upgraded macerator toilet ticksmall ticksmall ticksmall
Upgraded Victron battery monitor ticksmall ticksmall ticksmall
Bow Lockers with seating ticksmall ticksmall ticksmall
Additional macerator toilet ticksmall
Second bedroom cabin ticksmall ticksmall
Double glazing upgrade ticksmall ticksmall ticksmall
Deluxe engine panel ticksmall ticksmall ticksmall
Optional extras you can purchase – prices include product & fitting
Bow Thruster Tube Only £1750 £1750 £1750
Rear Door Windows £750 £750 £750

Benefits and Returns

Your Benefits


  • 4 weeks in season from April to October (worth up approx £7000)
  • 4 weeks out of season early November and early March (worth approx £4000)


  • Free Monthly engine services
  • £450 replacement allowance
  • Free repairs labour (when Aqua engineers are used)
  • Free winterisation
  • Weekly checks and cleaning in season


  • Returns emailed and paid monthly within season.
  • Stay up to date via website, Facebook and E-Newsletters.
  • At the end of the 5 year contract the boat prepared for handover or sale.
Narrowboat Sponsorship
Narrowboat Sponsorship

Your Financial Returns

Financial Returns

  • 38% of Hire Revenue years 1 & 2
  • 32% of Hire Revenue years 3, 4 & 5

Please note that the information contained on this website does not constitute financial advice as we’re not authorised to do so. Prospective owners are recommended to seek their own financial advisor and reach their own conclusion before entering a narrowboat sponsorship agreement.

Financial returns to the owner
(based on 2022 occupancy rates for a 4-6 berth narrowboat)

38% hire payments (approx.) £11350 *
Less mooring fees (20% contribution) £574
Less license fees (20% contribution) £423
Total Estimated Returns: £10353

* Please note our hire rental charges rise yearly, therefore our returns for future years at the same occupancy rate will be higher.

Benefits & Contributions paid by Aqua Narrowboats

80% mooring fee £2298
80% license fee £1692
Insurance £475
Replacement allowance £450
Repairs and maintenance (labour costs) £2200 (approx.)